"Monsters With Misdemeanors" by Yellow Red Sparks

station_press2Irvine‘s Yellow Red Sparks was first conceived as the solo project of Joshua Hanson. He eventually recruited Darren “Goldy” Goldstein (drums, vocals) and Sara Lynn (bass, piano, banjo, and vocals) to become a true trio playing mostly acoustic instruments over sweeping ballads and western pop that they like to label as “cinematic folk.” Hanson moved from the ultra rural town of Yellow Pine, Idaho to SoCal when he was 12, and his songwriting soul is still lost in the misty forests of his hometown valley while his heart is still heavy with old feelings of melancholy. But every song carries a passioante bittersweet truth that everybody hurts and without it, life wouldn’t be complete. Yellow Red Sparks‘ self-titled debut album was produced by Ted Hutt (Old Crow Medicine Show), mixed by Ryan Hewitt (The Avett Brothers), and recently released by Org Music. Here’s the first single “Monsters With Misdemeanors”:

And a live performance video:

Yellow Red Sparks will perform  this Wednesday, February 13th at The Hotel Cafe along with The Ultimate Bearhug.

Yellow Red Sparks’ Official Site, Yellow Red Sparks on Facebook, Yellow Red Sparks on Twitter, Yellow Red Sparks on YouTube, Yellow Red Sparks on Tumblr, Yellow Red Sparks on Soundcloud

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