"Foolish Things" by The Ultimate Bearhug

196792_187780641266745_3849479_nThe Santa Ana co-ed duo known as The Ultimate Bearhug might just have the best and most appropriate moniker ever conceived. And I’m sure there’s an adorable story behind it. Guitarist Barrett Johnson carries a burly frame and could properly deliver a solid embrace while vocalist Doll Knight (an even more appropriate first name) croons lush lullabies that are warming embers on the heart. But I like to believe their name reflects the way their folk pop music envelopes, soothes, and cuddles as if you’re home and curdled up on the couch under heavy blankets. Their debut album, Just South Of Los Angeles, was recorded by Dallas Kruse at Zion Studios and is a cumulative collection of superb songwriting, but in order to receive the full squeeze you must witness Knight’s gentle infatuating sways:

The Ultimate Bearhug will perform at Hotel Cafe on February 13th.

The Ultimate Bearhug’s Official Website, The Ultimate Bearhug on Facebook, The Ultimate Bearhug on Twitter, The Ultimate Bearhug on YouTube

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