"Late Nights" Music Video by Brown Shoe

brown_shoe-press_photo1_color_credit_arrica_roseAlmost a decade ago, brothers Ryan and Aaron Baggaley packed up their Venice Beach apartment and moved back to their hometown of Folsom that was once made famous by a Johnny Cash concert. They recruited a childhood friend and their baby brothers to fill out a new lineup and dubbed themselves Brown Shoe. Three albums and several national tours later, the band returns with The Wild Horse. Recorded at Pus Cavern by Joe Johnston (Cake), the album is an escalating runway of anthemic pop rock. Halfway through the recording process, Ryan was hospitalized due to a fluke blood infection. His on-again off-again girlfriend visited him, but ultimately left him before he was released. The tracks are overall ethereal and often soar, but hidden beneath are the themes of heartache and healing. Here’s the video for the pop-sensible “Late Nights” that was directed by Brent Lasala:

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