"Your Dead Red Sweater" by Orange Umbrella

IMG_3592Once the Santa Monica denizen Josh Rowley is armed with a guitar and beat machine, he becomes Orange Umbrella: a one man act that strums and croons over lax dance beats. Rowley claims that his “collaboration” with the magical orange box resulted from disliking performing onstage alone and the outcome is a striking balance of digital pop rock that makes the head bop while still being sincere. Orange Umbrella‘s debut album is due this February and is being produced by Future Dancing‘s Patrick Ginn. But for now you can enjoy the track “Your Dead Red Sweater”:

Free Bike Valet is presenting The Burning Of Rome‘s first January residency night at The Central this Tuesday along with Orange Umbrella and Armada. Come out for a free night of great music!


Orange Umbrella on Facebook, Orange Umbrella on Soundcloud, Orange Umbrella on YouTube

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