"Little Piranhas" by The Burning Of Rome

TBOR Press Pic (Pit Color)Coming from Oceanside is an eclectic ensemble called The Burning Of Rome. Their sound is an unique hodgepodge, as if part spooky carnival ride and part western movie score. But ultimately, they’re unique and always prick the imagination. Their debut album, With Us, was recorded at EastWest Studios and recently released by Surfdog Records. The epic track “Little Piranhas” carries the album to its apex:

Free Bike Valet is presenting The Burning Of Rome‘s first January residency night at The Central this Tuesday along with Orange Umbrella and Armada. Come out for a free night of great music!


The Burning Of Rome’s Official Site, The Burning Of Rome on Facebook, The Burning Of Rome on Twitter, The Burning Of Rome on Tumblr, The Burning Of Rome on YouTube, The Burning Of Rome on Bandcamp, The Burning Of Rome on Soundcloud

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