"Teardrops" by La Mer

1338929861_IMG_1302The chanteuse known as La Mer is a self-described “gritty hula girl” living in Venice Beach. That may be her day job, because at night she becomes a pop songstress refusing to let her songs become monogamous to a single genre (pop rock, soul, electro). Accenting each of her tracks is a lulling voice that has the uncanny ability to be angelic and sexy at the same time. Currently working with producer Andy Kravitz at his Venice Beach studio, her new album will be released next Spring. But for now you can enjoy the dreamy soul lullaby “Teardrops”off her self-titled debut EP:

La Mer will perform tonight at The Central along with Zak Waters, Cayucas, and Monte Mar.


La Mer’s Official Site, La Mer on Facebook, La Mer on YouTube, La Mer on Vimeo, La Mer on BandcampLa Mer on Soundcloud

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