"South" by Boxviolet

The coed duo known as Boxviolet might be nomadic (Topanga Canyon to Brighton to Paris and back again) but their music maintains its moody grandeur like a reoccurring interpretive dream: sometimes epic, sometimes spooky, but always captivating. Best friends Margot Paige (vocals,guitar) and Luke Ehret (programming/guitar) are currently acting as “hermits” to work on their follow-up to 2010’s Audition EP with help from engineer John “Silas” Cranfield and mixer Mark Needham (The Killers). The leaked track “South” is classic Boxviolet: deep dark synths, crunching guitars, and Paige’s sexy hypnotic voice purring:

“I’d wish you kiss me on the mouth, or further south…”

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0 thoughts on “"South" by Boxviolet

  1. […] Engineered by Be Hussey (Radar Brothers) at Comp-ny studios and produced by Luke Ehret of Boxviolet, the track veers away from their eerie origins and instead goes dream pop with psychedelic […]

  2. Liz Ivry says:

    boxViolet is fantastic. Why are they not on the top of the billboard charts? Been listening to them for years and will continue listening to their amazing music.