"They Run, They Hide" (Acoustic) Studio Video by Brolly

Nestled in the Sacramento Valley is a place called Yuba City. This modest town is often shrouded by a thick tule fog which can give a brisk sense of reverie, so maybe this is why the local rock quartet Brolly easily conjures such a tranquil sound. Their debut EP Home Hollow Road (available for download here) was released last July, but they decided to film themselves recording an acoustic version of a new single “They Run, They Hide” in a racquetball room at a local church. Echoing vocals, gentle percussion, flannel, deer antlers –this is the score for a NorCal winter twilight:

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0 thoughts on “"They Run, They Hide" (Acoustic) Studio Video by Brolly

  1. marthainez says:

    🙂 Love these guys!! They’re so talented and are an incredible band to see LIVE! You should go “like” them on facebook…like right now! 😉

  2. Masson Hart says:

    Coming from a rich music background and strong faith, I know these boys are going places. They are such an amazing band to watch live since every sound in their ‘Hollow Road Home EP’ was recorded with live instruments they can easily replicate there sound which you don’t find too often in this day of age. True musicians with raw talent sticking to what they know makes for outstanding real music.

  3. Diane Wells says:

    The music this band has wrote and recorded ;is a sound they have not like any other of there time.They love music and are very comment to sharing there dream with us.There CD is free on itunes .And they are always true to the fans who travel far to see them live!!!!!!!!! So next time they may be in your home town come out in see live Brolly there new song, They Run They Hide!!!!!!!!!!