"Turbulence" by The Pocket Rockets

        The Pocket Rockets grew up together in Boyle Heights and just like many young bands, they started off playing in a bedroom and eventually graduated to backyards. The trio claims inspiration from bands like Interpol and The Strokes, but what they might not know is their uncanny likeness to the Golden Age of Emo (The Promise Ring, Fugazi). Their vocals are raw and rhythms catchy, but it’s the way they emote with such a blatant earnestness that makes them so real. Their debut EP, Golden Gloves 1902, was released by Sonata Cantata Records and mixed by Jon Siebels (formerly of Monsters Are Waiting currently of Eve Six) at Clifton Studios. Here’s the EP’s highlight track “Turbulence”:

The Pocket Rockets will perform at The Central this Tuesday with Gavin.

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