"Moddison" Short Film by Milo Greene

Typically films are created first with the music added after, but the Silver Lake band known as Milo Greene is full of artistic auteurs, and shouldn’t be expected to follow any norms. To accompany the release of their self-titled debut album (Chop Shop/Atlantic Records) they wrote a 37-minute short film entitled “Moddison.” Directed by band pal Chad Huff, the film’s only sound is the entire album in chronological order. This isn’t a music video, it’s an album movie. Perhaps the idea came to them while they listened to old movies in the van while on tour or from frequently self-labeling their sound as “cinematic pop.” And of course it was filmed in the same gloomy, remote location (Shaver Lake) that the band visits for their writing sessions. The result is an evocative companion piece filled with heavy hearts that are naturally lifted and dropped.  It’s a film only this band could conjure:

Milo Greene will perform at the El Rey Theatre this Saturday with Bahamas. You can purchase tickets here.

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