"Cider Of The Sun" by Young Empress

In the late 90’s, Weezer‘s breakthrough sound was perfected and carried on by Pasadena‘s Ozma by simply adding a female keyboardist. Ozma may now be static, but their bassist Daniel Brummel created his own band called Sanglorians that continues their catchy core sound. But now they’re not alone. Doing their part to revitalize the power-pop rock is the Whittier-based quintet Young Empress that is fronted by the married duo Paulie and Cristal Peshkepia. And just like the Sanglorians, Young Empress is putting in their own spin by adding a violin. The result is a superb orchestral wall of fuzz. Check out their leaked track “Cider Of The Sun”:

Young Empress’ Official Website, Young Empress on Facebook, Young Empress on Bandcamp, Young Empress on Soundcloud

2 thoughts on “"Cider Of The Sun" by Young Empress

  1. Candie Blankman says:

    I love everything you do! I am so glad there is you!

  2. Abed Nadir says:

    Cool cool cool

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