"Make A Wish" by Nocturnal Youth

The co-ed duo known as Nocturnal Youth doesn’t use a traditional rehearsal space. Instead they walk over to a park around their Santa Monica neighborhood, plop down, and play. And it’s here that they claim they attract their number one fans: puppies and babies. But it’s no surprise that they evoke such an instinctive and naturally attractive sound since they only use an acoustic guitar and viola. As if channeling the ghost of Nick Drake, their folk songs are delicate, lulling, and strikingly graceful. Their debut EP was produced by Raymond Richards (Local Natives, Warships) and should be released early next year. But for now you can enjoy the leaked track “Make A Wish”:

Nocturnal Youth will perform with Alto and AK And Her Kalashnikovs at The Dustbowl Revival‘s “Vinyl Fundraiser Yard Party” this Saturday at 1411 Oak Street in Santa Monica.

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