"Scream White Noise" by Future Ghost

Unlike most of their band neighbors, Silver Lake‘s Future Ghost harks to the post-hardcore and fuzz rock era of the late 90’s: abrasive yet evocative, brash yet mesmeric, blaring yet enveloping. Their intenseness can be attributed to vocalist/guitarist Brandon Tomas battling a longtime drug addiction while they wrote/recorded their songs, and while Tomas is now sober, the band still carries an unapologetically loud striver edge that is always soothed by hypnotic harmonies.

Future Ghost‘s debut album, Missing Teen, was produced by Pete Lyman (No Age) at Infrasonic Sound Recording Co. and will be released in early 2013 on Infrasonic Records. But for now you can enjoy the leaked track “Scream White Noise”:

Future Ghost is currently recording a 7″ Split with LA Font. The record will be released as part of a series of splits put out by Near Mess Records and will include Wild Eyes, Wake Up LucidTS And The Past Haunts, HOTT MT, Gothic Tropic, Hindu Pirates, Vinyl Williams, and Rainbow Jackson.

Their next concert will be this Thursday at The Echo for The Dead Ships‘ homecoming after tour show along with Blonde Summer and Miner. You can purchase tickets here.


Future Ghost’s Official Site, Future Ghost on Facebook, Future Ghost on Twitter, Future Ghost on Instagram, Future Ghost on Bandcamp, Future Ghost on YouTube

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