"Hey Love" Music Video by Miner

Justin Miner claims he had a breakdown in which he dissolved his band Fight From Above, traveled north to the redwoods, then south to Central America, bought a tambourine and banjo, listened to nothing but Neil Young and read nothing but Kerouac. Upon his return to Silver Lake, he formed a new band by recruiting two longtime friends, his wife, his brother, and his cousin and aptly named them Miner. Together they make delicate pop folk rock that evokes heartfelt earnestness by accessing the folk elements (mandolin, harmonica, banjo). But unlike their neighbors and genre peers (Milo Greene, The Ross Sea Party, The New Limb) Miner isn’t afraid to get a little rowdy by stomping and clapping which brings their sound to a whole new level of grandeur fun. See for yourself in the music video for “Hey Love” which was shot at the Salton Sea and directed by their bassist Justin Krook:

Miner released an EP entitled Hey Love but is only available at shows. You can catch them performing next at The Echo this Thursday for The Dead Ships‘ welcome back show along with Blonde Summer and Future Ghosts. You can purchase tickets here.

Miner’s Official Site, Miner on Facebook, Miner on Twitter, Miner on YouTube, Miner on Soundcloud

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