"Refugees" by The New Limb

A new band dynamic has arisen in Silver Lake. Instead of just being a back-up for some frontman, bands are now made of multiple songwriters that collaborate and switch instruments to arrange an enveloping wall of sound. Frequent group vocals are used for lush harmonies. And there is always a token girl.

Milo Greene has taken this delicate pop rock to the mainstream. The Ross Sea Party will be next with their superb new album Hotel Pool. And rising up is the Costa Mesa (now Silver Lake, of course) quintet The New Limb. They might be newer to the scene, but their spotlight is already overdue. Currently working on a second album with producers Nolan Sipe and Ryan Peterse, the group continues to create melodically driven rhythms and encompassing choruses that make each song a whirlwind of aural bliss. Here’s the leaked track “Refugees”:

The New Limb will perform at The Central this Tuesday with Go West Young Man, The Shade, and Western Scene. And it’s FREE!

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