"Into The Storm" Music Video by Swan (Premiere)

Jacqueline Caruso is one-half of the Highland Park-based dreamy electro-pop act Thurlow, but now she’s ready to reveal a new side. As Swan, Caruso creates hush pop with only a piano and her voice that is as soft and whimsical as a floating feather. Swan‘s self-titled debut album was released today by Gazelle Recordings:

Free Bike Valet is proud to premiere the music video for Swan‘s first single “Into The Storm” which was shot in the Altadena wilderness by the ever reliable Leslie Andrew Ridings of Black Noise Industries. With a warm filter and various camera tricks, he captures Caruso visiting an intermittent creek as she attempts to cleanse her pristine body:

Swan‘s record release also marks the announcement of the Little Tokyo-based record label and artist collective Gazelle Recordings. Their roster includes Swan, Zapatra, and Historian. Here is their mission statement:

“We are a collective of artists in the LA area who focus on documenting art by way of music, film, photography, and other inspirations. We are not only a record label, but a collaborative effort comprised of friends who share a passion for their respective art forms. Our artists are multifaceted and often wear many hats when sharing responsibilities in the operational aspects of the label. We are a brand that values quality and simplicity; a quaint boutique of artisans dedicated to enlightening the world with its vision.”

Swan will perform tonight for their record release show at Human Resources along w/ Historian, Zaptra, and HOTT MT.

Swan on Facebook, Swan on Bandcamp, Swan on Soundcloud

Gazelle Night Flier

Gazelle Recordings’ Official Site, Gazelle Recordings on Facebook, Gazelle Recordings on TwitterGazelle Recordings on Vimeo, Gazelle Recordings on YouTube

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