“Mellow Sundown” by Zaptra

Zaptra (a.k.a. Art Paz) makes glitch-based electronica sans vocals. The music varies from ambient to break-beat as Zaptra claims he uses an “organic process of collecting sounds from computer-generated soundscapes into rhythmic beat-based guitar.” In other words, his recording process and live performances don’t only include a laptop. As part of the Gazelle Recordings art collective, Zaptra is from Highland Park and is currently working on another EP, but here’s the title track from his last release Mellow Sundown:

Zaptra will be peforming at Swan‘s record release show tomorrow night at Human Resources along with Hott MT and Historian.

Gazelle Night Flier

Zaptra’s Official SiteZaptra on FacebookZaptra on TwitterZaptra on BandcampZaptra on Soundcloud

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One thought on ““Mellow Sundown” by Zaptra

  1. […] Zaptra (aka Art Paz) returns with a trio of songs collected as the Pulular EP, but this time they come with vocals. By […]

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