"Phantasmic Consciousness" by Tijuana Tears

Tijuana Tears cranks out groove pop rock seasoned with soul, blues, and sweat. Part Texan and part Californian, the Hollywood band bonds over their love of psychedelic imagery, cut-off jean shorts, and crafting songs crammed with passion. Their recently released debut EP was produced by Danny Balistocky at Revolution 9 Recording Studios. Check out the title track here:

Tijuana Tears will perform this Tuesday night at Dakota Lounge for Terraplane Sun‘s album release show along with The Diamond Light. You may purchase tickets here. Or follow Free Bike Valet’s twitter account to find out how to win a pair of tickets: @FreeBikeValet

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0 thoughts on “"Phantasmic Consciousness" by Tijuana Tears

  1. Ross Newton says:

    Ooh…. dig this track.