"Gold" by Gangi

Gangi makes dreamy indie-rock pop that conjures jovial sun-drenched afternoons spent wandering about with a bit of existentialism on the mind. Founded by Matt Gangi in Brooklyn, Gangi turned into a duo after moving to Glendale and recruiting multi-instrumentalist Eric Chramosta. Together they roam yard sales and estate auctions for old analogue electronics to “fix and repurpose components from” for their recording studio and record label: Office Of Analogue And Digital. They also like to reference time travel and space journeys, but don’t let them confuse you and just obey the chorus of their new single “Gold”:

“You’ve got to put your hands up!”

Gangi‘s second album Gesture Is (Office Of Analogue And Digital) will be released on October 2nd.

They will be performing at The Central on Monday, October 1st with Adventure Galley and June Humor.


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Gangi’s Official Site, Gangi on Facebook, Gangi on Twitter, Gangi on Soundcloud, Office Of Analogue and Digital

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