"What You're Doing To Me" By The Dustbowl Revival

A couple years ago, The Dustbowl Revival made a collective stomp on the dusty stages of Venice Beach as if they popped out of a John Steinbeck novel and skipped the last half-century. Self-described as a “roots collective,” the ten-piece plus big band blends traditional American jazz, bluegrass, swing, blues, folk, and some other genres that only Charlie Chaplin and his Roaring Twenties entourage would recognize. Their arsenal of instruments includes the trombone, cornet, mandolin, kazoo, and even the washboard, but just like a Wu-Tang Clan concert, you never know who you’re going to get. And if band founder Zach Lupetin is RZA, their Ol’ Dirty Bastard is the chanteuse Caitlin Doyle –as evident on their second album Holy Ghost Station which was produced by Raymond Richards (Local Natives, Ferraby Lionheart). Enjoy Doyle’s smooth swoon on “What You’re Doing To Me”:

The Dust Bowl Revival will release their third album within the year. You can catch them tonight at The Central with The Muddy Reds, Hargo, and John Wayne Bro.

The Dust Bowl Revival’s Official Site, The Dust Bowl Reival on FacebookThe Dust Bowl Revival on TwitterThe Dust Bowl Revival on VimeoThe Dust Bowl Revival on BandcampThe Dust Bowl Revival on Soundcloud

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  1. Jimmy Duggit says:

    I like this band

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