"Regeneration X" by Hargo

Cardiff‘s Hargo makes melodic pop rock that’s an unapologetic throwback to the late 90’s: acoustic intros, soaring vocals, and a charged wall of sound. Born into a Sikh family as Hargobind Hari Khalsa, “Hargo” likes to sprinkle his songs with Eastern sounds (sitars, chamber chants) that subtly hint at his heritage, but with a full band behind him he just really wants to rock –loudly, proudly, and with passion. Hargo‘s LP Out Of Mankind (Rhetorik Music) was released earlier this year and features the radio-friendly single “Regeneration X”:

Hargo will perform tomorrow at The Central with The Muddy Reds, The Dustbowl Revival, and John Wayne Bro.


Hargo’s Official Site, Hargo on Facebook, Hargo on TwitterHargo on Soundcloud

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