"Before You Lose It" Music Video by Naama Kates

There’s something different about Los Feliz’s Naama Kates… something unique. And it’s not just her name. It would be easy to dismiss her as just another piano chick, but everything about her demands a second glance. Maybe it’s her lounge chic style or her obsession with Shakespeare, but it’s probably her solid song writing that takes tiny risks with various tempos and dynamics. Right now she’s the girl (performing-in-the-bar) next door, so do yourself a favor: stop drinking and listen.

Naama Kates‘ released a music video for her first single “Before You Lost It” which is off her debut album The Unexamined Life. Directed by Princeton Holt, the video is part film school project, ’90s TV drama, and home-made footage; but it excellently captures the dreary essence of Kates’ dark diary expressions:

“Wash that blood off your hands, before you stain them…”

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