"(You Got A) Pretty Mouth" by Great White Buffalo

Great White Buffalo might live in Los Feliz, but they sound like they went through a dozen dirty dive bars to get there. Like a pop rock band that got hooked on chew and whiskey, they spit out upbeat groove rock filtered through cigarette smoke and rough croons. As a follow up to their debut album All At Once, the quartet self-released the EP Tightrope this year and it features the hook ridden track “(You Got A) Pretty Mouth” which is probably an appropriate reference to the infamous line from the movie Deliverance:

Great White Buffalo will open for The Muddy Reds, Robinson, and The Dead Ships tonight at The Central.

Great White Buffalo’s Official Site, Great White Buffalo on Facebook, Great White Buffalo on Twitter, Great White Buffalo on Bandcamp

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0 thoughts on “"(You Got A) Pretty Mouth" by Great White Buffalo

  1. Sara says:

    Enjoyed the show last night as well, Dan…great bands, great venue! It was nice meeting you! Keep in touch