"Don't Blow It" by Eyes Lips Eyes

It’s obvious that Eyes Lips Eyes aren’t from around here. The Provo, UT natives sport super shaggy hair, track jackets, big bushy beards, and un-ironic trucker hats –all of which hinders their ability to blend in with the horned rimmed glasses and skinny jean brethren of Los Angeles’s indie elite. But it’s also obvious that the now Downtown L.A. residents would never care about something as frivolous as fitting in, which makes them all the more original and cool. Lead by the charismatic vocalist Tony Hello, the band makes disco-punk pop rock that’s as naturally catchy as it is danceable. They take the dance-punk elements of Electric Six or Radio Four and soften them up with hand claps and wooing falsettos. And regardless if they tried or not, they do fit in; because if there’s one thing California does embrace, it’s someone who knows how to party.

Eyes Lips Eyes recently released the EP What You Want (If You Want) on Roll Call Records and was co-produced by John Goodmanson (Death Cab For Cutie, Nada Surf). It features the infectious single “Don’t Blow It”:

Eyes Lips Eyes will soon tour for almost the rest of 2012.

Eyes Lips Eyes’ Official Site, Eyes Lips Eyes on Facebook, Eyes Lips Eyes on Twitter,  Roll Call Records

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  1. KTJ says:

    I work my thighs for Eyes Lips Eyes!

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