"Waiting On Nicky" by The Muddy Reds

Venice Beach isn’t like the other oceanside hoods in Los Angeles. Instead of shirtless bros and yuppie joggers, its strand is chock-full with the eclectic, funky, and wild. Maybe this is why the gritty blues rock act The Muddy Reds made it their home. Because unlike most L.A. bands they aren’t trying to fit into some hipster scene; they just want to fucking rock. And just like the alleys of their beach city, their music is groovey and grimey but most of all carries an authentic soul that Kings Of Leon would be proud of. The band is currently recording their second LP but for now you can enjoy the riveting “Waiting On Nicky” off their last EP Justle Hustle:

Free Bike Valet is co-sponsoring The Muddy Reds‘ first night of their September residency at The Central this Tuesday. Come out for a great show!

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