"Suffer" by Owls

Echo Park‘s Owls is less than a year old, yet they’ve already managed to write a solid selection of songs that give a recent throwback to the early aughts post-punk revival. Carrying a peculiar vocal inflection and indie rock alacrity, their sound mimics Interpol after exposed to the California sun. The group is lead by an Irish expatriate named Sean Kangataran on guitar and vocals, but their lineup is even more unique in that they feature horn players as full-time members (Spencer Sussman on trombone/keys and Ken Hirako on trumpet/percussion) and not just as session musicians or tour support. The group will continue to play local shows and plans to release a new song every 60 days, bur for now you can enjoy “Suffer”:

Owls on Facebook, Owls on Soundcloud, Owls on Bandcamp

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