"The Bloom And The Blight" album trailer by Two Gallants

It’s been long, far too long… five years to be exact since San Francisco‘s bearded man-duo known as Two Gallants have blessed us with another album of gritty rock filled with gold rush nostalgia and eerie tales. No longer on their traditional Omaha-based record label Saddle Creek, the band switched to Dave Matthew‘s ATO for their fourth album –which could mean the band is destined for a larger audience (see: Alabama Shakes). In order to make everyone’s neck hair stand up they released an album trailer (directed by Samuel Russell) cut with spooky footage of them performing on a San Fran Bay ferry cutting through the fog at night, concerts in dark sweaty clubs, and typical backstage antics. The songs hint that the electric guitar might be more dominant in a grunge roots kind of way, but these recently come-of-age men still know how to keep an acoustic melody (that is, when they’re not thrashing their instruments).

The Bloom And The Blight was produced  John Congleton (The Walkmen, Modest Mouse, St. Vincent) at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley, CA and will be released on September 4th. Preview or download the single “Broken Eyes” now via RCRD LBL.

Two Gallants’ Official Site, Two Gallants on Facebook, Two Gallants on Twitter, ATO Records

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