"Money" by Mystery Skulls

Dallas native Luis Dubuc recently moved to Westlake and fortunately decided to bring with him his electro pop alter ego dubbed Mystery Skulls. Crafting songs with hard hitting beats and synth pop keys, Dubuc strikes a dance funk with an electric edge that hints at Chromeo or even at rarer times Maroon 5. He’s currently working on a new album, but for now you can enjoy his self-titled EP which includes the stirring track “Money”:

Mystery Skulls will perform tonight at The Central along with OmnifluxBlondfire and In The Valley Below.

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  1. […] When Mystery Skulls popped up in L.A. almost two years ago, a buzz spread about the man who sang soul and played synths over electro-pop beats. He was an anomaly in a scene of mute laptop DJs and soon became a must-see act for his unique live approach which always incited dancing. Now signed to Warner Bros., his debut album is due this year and impressively features production from the disco-funk hit god himself: Nile Rodgers. But for now you can enjoy The Exorcist-spoof music video for his first single “Ghost”: […]