"Vocable" by Alto

Comprised of three adorable Westwood college students, Alto sings in perfect pitch harmonies all the while playing their respective band-geek instruments: violin, viola, upright bass (and many more). The result can be found on their self-titled debut EP which is part vintage cabaret, campfire folk, and sunshine pop. As either a Jenny Lewis fan-club or little sister to Venice Beach’s The Dust Bowl Revival, Alto delivers true promise. And they even won their school’s talent show (cute right?). Here’s their folk pop single “Vocable”:

Alto’s official site, Alto on Facebook, Alto on Twitter, Alto on Bandcamp, Alto on Soundcloud

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0 thoughts on “"Vocable" by Alto

  1. Joseph Samudio says:

    All of you are absolutely amazing. Never forget where you came from, the heart and souls of your parents who have supported you all along. Be well, be safe and play play play. I look forward to hearing you all live. Your a hit in Vilcabamba, Ecuador. I know send airline tickets.

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