Internal Logic Album Trailer by Grass Widow

The Bay-based babes known as Grass Widow ditched Kill Rock Stars and are self-releasing their third album entitled Internal Logic on May 29th via their own HLR Records (monikered after their first names: Hannah, Lillian, and Raven). Let’s hope they reliably deliver more surf-pop rock waxed with harmonies.

Here’s the trailer for the album:

I like to assume that all California bands write their songs on the beach. Where else would you go if you didn’t have a day job? And it seems that in addition to starting their own record label, they also acquired a record producing factory –but unfortunately couldn’t afford to hire any assembly line technicians, shipping & receiving staff, or a product testing department. DIY Girls! Keep it real.

Grass Widow’s official site, Grass Widow on Facebook, Grass Widow on Twitter, HLR Records

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