“Computer-Eyes” by Vector_XING

Vector_XING is the neo-R&B project of Stevan Cablayan and Cameron McLain who first met in college almost a decade ago. Along with producer Adam Boukis (of Satchmode), the dynamic duo reconvened to record their debut EP, 440Hz (dropping October 30th), in Venice Beach. The result is genre-shifting soundscapes of what they like to call “digital soul” such as on the online dating-themed “Computer-Eyes.”

“Tonight is going to be the night when I see your computer eyes.”

Vector_XING: Website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Soundcloud

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“Dark Charms” by Banta (Premiere)

BANTA POOL11990 copyAmongst the garage rawk acts and synth-pop duos of Echo Park is a coed collective known as Banta. Led by singer-songwriter Sharaya Mikael, the band channels a vintage soft rock vibe via smooth vocals, acoustic strums, and gentle grooves which often conjure an uncanny Fleetwood Mac likeness. And with help from producers Andrew Stonestreet, Andy Brohard, and Ryan Castle, their forthcoming self-titled debut LP (Eone Records) is naturally destined to evoke a classic sensation such as its first single “Dark Charms.”

“I waited so long to steal your heart away.”

Banta will perform on October 29th at The Satellite.

Banta Satellite

Banta: Website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Soundcloud

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“Twilight After Dawn” by De La Cuesta (Premiere)

No longer recording under the moniker Fort King, singer-songwriter Ryan Fuller has returned as De La Cuesta. His debut single, “Twilight After Dawn,” was produced by Jacob Dillan Summer (of Avid Dancer) and is a woeful soliloquy of acoustic strums, somber coos, haunting keys, and a lo-fi aura ideal for enveloping the nocturnal seaside air and swaying in the breeze.

“Twilight after dawn I will be gone.”

And here’s its one-shot B&W music video following Fuller as he slowly strolls a street in his Weho neighborhood right past the Cheri Amour building –the last U.S. residence of Jim Morrison.

De La Cuesta: Website, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Soundcloud

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“Bullet on the Run” by He’s My Brother, She’s My Sister (Live Video)

Somewhere off Sunset Boulevard in Echo Park is the pop-up venue Snuggle Palace where bands are invited to perform acoustic sets within a giant blanket fort. Lucy LaForge (of Lucy & La Mer) teamed up with recording engineer Ryan Burian and videographer Wesley Houdyshell to create this intimate listening space “where you can really hear the lyrics and subtleties of the instruments.” Here’s Rob Kolar and Lauren Brown of the psych-folk collective He’s My Brother, She’s My Sister performing “Bullet on the Run.”

Snuggle Palace: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube

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“L.A. Love Song” by XYLØ

LA Love Song PhotoXYLØ returns by leaking another stellar single: “L.A. Love Song.” The track is immediately arresting with vocalist Paige Duddy’s breathy vox spewing poetic verses over her brother Chase’s experimental trip-pop production. The result is reliably spellbinding.

“Nothing like the sun in California…”

XYLØ will perform on October 26th at The Echo for Popshop West.


XYLØ: Website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTubeSoundcloud

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“Hollow Life” by Coast Modern

Formerly known as Blood Dad, Coast Modern is the new collaborative project of Luke Atlas and Coleman Trapp. Their first single under this moniker, “Hollow Life,” is a mid-tempo bop with trip-pop beats, experimental effects, and an edgy reggae vibe all ideal for a sunny stroll down the strand.

“Racing towards a dream on the horizon…”

Coast Modern: Website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Soundcloud

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