“Out Of My Head” (feat. Codi Caraco) by Zak Waters

ZW2014PRESS-1Zak Waters has always wanted to make you dance, and his brand of electro funk has always delivered. But after spending a national tour with Cardiknox and Aussie poptress Betty Who, Waters may have been inspired by the power of blatant dance pop. The result is “Out Of My Head”: a digital hit which crescendos into a summer pool party blast off courtesy of his signature neo-synths. And while we might miss Waters’ soulful vocals on this track, Codi Caraco‘s airy voice is more apt for the vibe:

Zak Waters will soon join DWNTWN at the Constellation Room and Neck of the Woods.


Zak Waters’ Official SiteZak Waters on FacebookZak Waters on TwitterZak Waters on TumblrZak Waters on YouTubeZak Waters on Soundcloud

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Mystic Braves, Corners, Drinking Flowers, Joel Jerome and Babies On Acid (Show Pics)

Mystic BravesMystic Braves performed their third April residency show at The Echo last Monday, April 22nd along with CornersJoel Jerome and Babies On Acid, and Drinking Flowers.


And Minivan Photography was there to capture the action.

Minivan Photography on FacebookMinivan Photography on TwitterMinivan Photography on InstagramMinivan Photography on Tumblr

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“Astronaut” by Paris Carney

paris-carney-2Los Feliz denizen Paris Carney makes her music akin to bubblegum: soft, sweet, and fun to pop. Her debut EP is due this summer but for now you can enjoy the lush synths and gentle digi-beats sprinkled over her chillax voice on “Astronaut”:

Paris Carney will perform tomorrow (Thursday, 4-24) at The Spare Room along with Magic Bronson.


Paris Carney’s Official SiteParis Carney on FacebookParis Carney on TwitterParis Carney on InstagramParis Carney on YouTubeParis Carney on TumblrParis Carney on Soundcloud

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“Grow” and “Keep Good Habits” by Quantum Keys

quantumkeys1Quantum Keys is the sunshine pop moniker of John Gudenzi who began his L.A. music path after recording in a Hermosa Beach basement when he wasn’t surfing at El Porto. And this helps explain his music’s buoyant beach vibe with retro psychedelic flirtation. Hit City U.S.A. released his new tracks “Grow” and “Keep Good Habits” today, so skip in the sand and sing along:

“Now that spring has started, it’s time for us to grow.”

Quantum Keys on FacebookQuantum Keys on Twitter, Quantum Keys on InstagramQuantum Keys on Soundcloud

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“Love Don’t Go” Music Video by The Family Crest

TFC_credit-Danielle-Masucci_2Bands functioning as music collectives are not new (The Polyphonic Spree set the standard over a decade ago), but that doesn’t mean they’re still not astounding. The Family Crest is led by Outer Richmond denizen Liam McCormick who founded the act along with bassist John Seeterlin to create a project that they “could be proud of.” After emailing old friends and posting online ads, they recruited an arsenal of musicians that now consists of a seven-piece core and over 400 “Extended Family” members. Their second full-length, Beneath The Brine (Tender Loving Empire), was recently released and is a wave of orchestration ranging from romanticism to swing but at the heart of each song is melodic-pop indie rock (i.e. The Ross Sea Party, Milo Greene) complete with “woah, woah, wo” gang vocals. 


But McCormick hears something else:

“It’s like listening to the last two years of my life. All of my best friends that I’ve met are in one place, together.”

Here’s the impressive one-shot music video for their single “Love Don’t Go” that proves their numerous and diverse roster:

The Family Crest will tour this June with fellow music collective act Mother Falcon.


The Family Crest’s Official Site, The Family Crest on FacebookThe Family Crest on TwitterThe Family Crest on Instagram, The Family Crest on YouTubeThe Family Crest on TumblrThe Family Crest on BandcampThe Family Crest on Soundcloud

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“Desert Island” Music Video by Mystic Braves

mysticbraves_promoSpread all across SoCal, is a vibrant scene rejuvenating the ’60s surf vibe via lo-fi recordings of garage pop and groovy psychelida. And leading the wave in Echo Park is a quintet called Mystic Braves. As fervent members of Lolipop Records‘ collective, they’ve helped curate a fertile milieu with akin bands, local venues, and a recording studio. Their second full-length, Desert Island, is due next Tuesday, April 29th and continues their signature vintage sound through hazy tones and trippy textures.


Here’s the suitable desert music video for the album’s title track:

Mystic Braves will continue their April residency at The Echo tonight along with Corners, Joel Jerome and Babies On Acid, and Drinking Flowers.


And a national spring tour.


And a summer West Coast tour.


Mystic Braves’ Official Site, Mystic Braves on Facebook, Mystic Braves on TwitterMystic Braves on InstagramMystic Braves on Bandcamp, Mystic Braves on Soundcloud

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“Is This Love” Music Video by Life Leone

LL_0586bTrue artists never lie dormant, they evolve. Brady Erickson might be renown as the frontman for melodic powerhouse The Ross Sea Party, but he is also Life Leone. Some hot day in Lucerne Valley, long ago, this new persona arose to create a rawer, rougher brand of indie rock that claims the desert landscape as its chief inspiration. His debut EP, Comes Crashing In, was released via Wild Farm Records and in pure Erickson songwriting fashion, the songs carry swooning overtones –but this time blurred with dusty fuzz.


Here’s the official music video for the album’s opening track “Is This Love”:

And here’s a short video of Leone introducing himself:

And a video of him driving his new tour bus from Memphis to Los Angeles:

Life Leone’s Official Site, Life Leone on FacebookLife Leone on TwitterLife Leone on InstagramLife Leone on Bandcamp

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“Your New Beloved” by Lovelife

unnamedMetropolis nomads Lovelife (London to New York to Los Angeles) now call Weho home, but that could change on a whim. In the same vein as former tourmates The Neighbourhood, the foursome is a band of dynamics not afraid to blur genres. They’re a pop act at the collective core, but always flirting with the darker elements of emotional electro and R&B. Having already released four acclaimed EPs, they are currently recording their debut full-length. Here’s the opening track, “Your New Beloved,” off their latest release Feel:

Lovelife will perform at the Constellation Room on Monday, May 5th and the Bootleg Theatre on Tuesday, May 6th:


Lovelife’s Official Website, Lovelife on FacebookLovelife on TwitterLovelife on Instagram, Lovelife on TumblrLovelife on YouTubeLovelife on Soundcloud

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“Dust And Bones” Music Video by Night Terrors of 1927

NTO1927 Ewald 0093Night Terrors of 1927 rose from obscurity to popularity with a few leaked tracks, but that should be no surprise since the group was founded by indie veterans Jarrod Gorbel (The Honorary Title) and Blake Sennett (Rilo KileyThe Elected). Their debut EP Guilty Pleas was released late last year via Atlantic Records and is filled with soaring melodic-pop anthems. Their highly anticipated debut full-length is forthcoming, but for now enjoy the bizarre official music video for their first single “Dust And Bones” directed by Darren Craig:

Night Terrors of 1927 will soon tour with Fitz and The Tantrums.


Night Terrors of 1927′s Official SiteNight Terrors of 1927 on FacebookNight Terrors of 1927 on Twitter, Night Terrors of 1927 on Instagram, Night Terrors of 1927 on YouTube, Night Terrors of 1927 on Soundcloud

“Harpoons” Music Video by SISU

cararobbinsSISUhighresWhile Eagle Rock denizen Sandra Vu is renown as the stellar drummer for Dum Dum Girls, she also fronts her own act SISU (Finnish for “extreme perseverance”). Her debut full-length, Blood Tears (MONO PRISM), was released late last year and strikes a balance between sullen experimental undertones and uplifting melodic choruses. And just like Omniflux and White Sea before her, she proves that pop can beautifully blend in with the dark and moody. 


Check out the super wet music video for her latest single “Harpoon”:

SISU will open up for Dum Dum Girls tonight at The Roxy.

SISU on Facebook, SISU on TwitterSISU on Instagram, SISU on TumblrSISU on BandcampSISU on Soundcloud 

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