“I Was On Your Side” by Lilyer (Premiere)

Lilyer is the new moniker of Marte Solbakken (formerly of WATERS and Elskling) who now calls Highland Park home. Her debut single, “I Was On Your Side,” was written when Solbakken was “questioning a lot of things I used to believe in.” Sune Rose Wagner (of The Raveonettes) produced the song in his DTLA loft and the result is an enveloping wave of pop with retro inclinations via dreamy synths, subtle digi-beats, and a very ethereal voice.

“Every night I try to dream it back to me.”

Lilyer: Facebook, Instagram, Soundcloud

“40 Nights” by Oyster Kids

Oyster Kids returns by leaking another single: “40 Nights.” Like the soundtrack for a spooky arcade game, the song opens on a smooth wave of midtempo beats, digital blips, and hazy vocals until the chorus kicks in with a blast of psych-pop.

“I just don’t know how to feel right.”

Oyster Kids will host the October residency at The Echo.


Oyster Kids: Website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Soundcloud

“PSYCHO” by Denny White

Golden Coast member and Glendale denizen, Denny White, just leaked another single: “PSYCHO.” The song was impressively produced, performed, and written by himself and the result is a midtempo burst of darkish indie pop built on dope beats, backdrop piano, synth effects, and a breathy voice of soul.

“Got a psycho in my head.”

Denny White: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Soundcloud

Bridgit Mendler (Interview)

Bridgit Mendler is a young popster who recently pivoted her sound by releasing a new single, “Atlantis,” off her forthcoming EP, Nemesis, which drops November 4th. Photog Mallory Turner recently hung out with her to shoot some pics while FBV asked some questions.

Your new single, “Atlantis,” is a sonic departure from your debut album Hello My Name Is… What was the catalyst that inspired the direction of your new sound?

“I wanted to be fearless about making something different. There were things I’d been afraid to try before and for this EP I wanted to explore them. Some sonic influences were Nelly Furtado, J Dilla, and The Animals. But the most defining thing about this EP’s sound is the mind meld between Spencer, Book, and I. This project is just the intermingling of our ideas. And to me, the depth of the creative collaboration has been the most exciting part of the whole process.”


How did you recruit the song’s co-producers Book and Spencer Bastian?

“I met Spencer last summer through our managers. I was determined to do try something new in our first session and not go safe. We had great chats about music even though the sound we first made wasn’t anything like the music now. Book came on board a couple sessions later and then never left. He was the missing piece.”


How did you recruit Kaiydo to be featured on the track?

“[Through] my A&R at Black Box. Dylan [Bourne] knows his peeps and as we were thinking of features for “Atlantis” his name came up and was really exciting because I had already been following his music for a while. Kaiydo agreed, sent us a great verse, and ‘Atlantis’ was finally whole.”


What’s the story behind the title of your forthcoming EP Nemesis?

“For this project I have asked myself a lot of scary questions: ‘What do I honestly feel? What sounds do I honestly like if I’m not afraid of people disliking them? What does it feel like to work really hard on something without anything guiding my steps at all?’ Nemesis was at one point going to be my new artist name. But it felt right to have this EP represent the idea. Nemesis is about, as corny as it is, confronting fear. Even superheroes have a nemesis who won’t go away. It keeps popping up again and threatening to defeat you. Every time I perform these songs I want to remember that I was scared, but for some reason the music was worth fighting for.”


You said you wrote a lot of this EP at Silver Lake coffee shops and gas stations along the I-5. Which do you prefer?

“I don’t like spending time at home alone but I love being alone and amongst people at coffee shops and alone in the car. There is space to think and both have a constantly stimulating change of scenery. If I had to choose, I’d choose driving because I’m an L.A. girl like that. Nowhere else do people like spending that much time in their car.”

What can we expect from you next?

“Coming up next is the music video. Stay tuned!”

Mallory Turner: Website, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr

“Life I Know” Music Video by Creature Canyon (Premiere)

Creature Canyon is a band of rad dudes based out of Rancho Peñasquitos. Their debut album, Life I Know, is a groovy, spastic blend of indie rock riffs delivered with a bluesy throwback such as on the title track.

“I’m living the life I know.”

And of course, such a riveting song deserves a fun music video. Shot at their bassist’s house, a local bar, and in an Old Town alleyway (among other places), the video aptly captures the band’s spontaneously energetic and hilarious personas.

Creature Canyon will perform on September 22nd at the Make-Out Room.


Creature Canyon: Website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Soundcloud