“Not Going Home” by Olivver

afterlightOlivver continues his buzz by leaking “Not Going Home” off his forthcoming EP FREAK. The song starts as a gentle piano ballad but of course is interrupted by digi-pop production that gives the track an emotional jolt:

“Midnight hour and the bed looks comfy, and I’m not going home.”

Olivver will perform at The Roxy on September 18th along with Lovelife and Raw Fabrics.


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“Forgive” by Pr0Files

Pr0files_05To top off their highly anticipated debut EP, Luxury (dropping tomorrow via STRAIGHT A RECORDS), Pr0files has leaked the gorgeous piano ballad “Forgive” –a contrast to their typical electro synth-pop but of course still featuring Lauren Pardini’s engagingly lush voice:

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“You Haunt Me” Music Video by Sir Sly

10616609_593447730774506_2073807422634921778_nSir Sly leaked the title track off their debut full-length You Haunt Me (dropping tomorrow via Cherrytree Records). The song showcases the elusive trio’s aplomb ability to balance indie rock and digi-pop and always with an edgy delivery:

And here’s its music video which superbly captures the song’s emotional vibe:

Sir Sly is currently on tour with Wolf Gang and  Secret Someones.


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Zella Day, CATHEDRALS, and WATERS (Show Pics)

Zella DayZella Day, Cathedrals, and WATERS recently performed at The Echo for Popshop West.


And photog Dave Rosenblum was there to shoot the show.

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“I Am Not A Man” Music Video by Lena Fayre

153A0359Teenage songstress Lena Fayre recently released her debut full-length, OKO (Semper Augustus Records), and instantly became L.A.’s next indie pop protégé. Her rapturing, lush vox can range from sharp whispers to low croons, but is always delivered with raw, moody emotives driven by deep synths, digi-beats, or piano chords. She even managed to recruit some electric collaborators such as Olga Bell (of Dirty Projectors) and Reggie Pace (of Bon Iver). The album’s opening track, “I Am Not A Man,” was written along with Liz Phair and producers Nolan Sipe and John Alagia (Madi Diaz, Rachel Yamagata):

And here’s the song’s equally experimental music video:

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“Blind and Brave” Music Video by The Wild Reeds

DN1A2988When the gals in The Wild Reeds sing in harmony, it’s as if they’re long-lost triplets reunited at a campfire. The title track of their latest album, “Blind and Brave,” is an escalating swoon of folk pop grandeur. Naturally, the song deserves a music video which showcases the diverse landscape and culture of Los Angeles:

“Do it ’cause you love it all, do it ’cause you love this city.”

The Wild Reeds will tour with Noah Gundersen this November.


And perform at the Santa Monica Pier for Way Over Yonder on September 26th.


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“Butterfly” by KiWi TIME

1396046_660587757296663_1192385701_nA few years ago, KiWi TIME moved from their native Belarus to Park Presidio. And while they still might speak with accents, their synth-pop infused dance rock has been embraced by the Bay Area music scene. Their debut EP, It’s… KiWi TIME, shoots off with a high energy opener (“Butterfly”) that shows off their not-so-secret weapon –stunning co-vocalist/keytarist Anna Makovchik:

KiWi TIME will perform tonight at The Viper Room.


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“PRIDE” Music Video by Gavin Turek

2014pride_cleancoverartOur favorite popstress Gavin Turek returns by recruiting Mystery Skulls for her latest leaked single, “PRIDE,” off her forthcoming debut LP. The apt result of this clutch collaboration is pure dance-pop panache with synth-funk production driving Turek’s naturally glowing vox:

And here’s the song’s striking B&W music video which channels Diana Ross:

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Bones Muhroni, TOWN IN THE CITY, Jimmy Welsh (Show Pics)

Bones Muhroni

Bones Muhroni recently performed their second September residency show at The Satellite along with TOWN IN THE CITY and Jimmy Welsh.


And photog Tajna Tanovic was there to shoot the show:

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“Young Wild” by FMLYBND

Photo Aug 12, 10 04 17 PMIsla Vista‘s electro indie rock act, FMLYBND, returns after revamping their lineup and leaking another powerhouse single, “Young Wild,” off their Back To Life EP due on October 7th. Produced by Eric Palmquist (Bad Suns, Wavves), the track is a driving anthem of smooth atmospherics –but only in between waves of synth-pop blasts:

And here’s the song’s lyric video:

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