“Sweeter Conversations” Music Video by PASTEL (Premiere)

Self Portrait BPASTEL is the moniker of self-described “elusive chanteuse” Gabriel Brenner. Based out of his bedroom in Buena Park, the multi-medium artist started creating music last year that has since evolved into an arresting neo-R&B project focused on brooding beats and a smooth soulful vox. His forthcoming debut EP will be released via Manimal Vinyl and has already leaked a couple of tracks including “Sweeter Conversations”:

And here’s his self-made music video for the single which utilizes some picture-in-picture while maintaining his preferable penchant of not revealing his face:

PASTEL on FacebookPASTEL on TwitterPASTEL on InstagramPASTEL on Tumblr, PASTEL on BandcampPASTEL on Soundcloud

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“BLACKOUT” Music Video by FRANKIE (Premiere)

imageFRANKIE is a young rad chick originally from Oakland but now kicks it around Larchmont Village after her college friend/collaborating producer, Petros, convinced her to move down south. Now reunited, they’re recording FRANKIE‘s debut EP which she claims was mostly conceived from bedroom daydreams –which might expound her blatant candy-bop edge. And like HOLYCHILD and Sophie & The Bom Boms before her, FRANKIE‘s first leaked single, “BLACKOUT,” encourages a shameless pursuit of joie de vivre via digi-beats, quirky effects, and a fabulous poptastic vibe:

And here’s the song’s accompanying music video which was shot around Eagle Rock and Ventura by the always reliable director Jancarlo Beck:

FRANKIE’s Official Site, FRANKIE on Facebook, FRANKIE on TwitterFRANKIE on InstagramFRANKIE YouTubeFRANKIE on TumblrFRANKIE on Soundcloud

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“Circles” by machineheart

machineheartFronted by the adept and charismatic Stevie Scott, machineheart is on track to become Silver Lake‘s next breakthrough. Currently working on their debut EP, the indie rock act prefers their sound to be inundated with candy pop sensibilities but their biggest hit has come from a collaboration via Vancouverite deejay Vanic adding extra electro production to their buoyant single “Circles”:

And here’s the desertscape road trip/walkabout music video for the song’s original version:

machineheart’s Official Sitemachineheart on Facebookmachineheart on Twitter, machineheart on Instagrammachineheart on YouTubemachineheart on Tumblrmachineheart on Soundcloud

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“Beggin For Thread” by Banks

5208_0512014111145The enigma chanteuse known as BANKS leaks another brooding track, “Beggin For Thread,” off her forthcoming debut full-length Goddess –due September 9th via Harvest Records. Unlike the Tarzana native’s other seductively sedated singles, this song carries enough electro zeal to incite a rave:

“Stooped down and out, you got me beggin for thread, to sew this hole up that you ripped in my head.”

BANKS’ Official Site, BANKS on FacebookBANKS on TwitterBANKS on InstagramBANKS on YouTubeBANKS on Soundcloud

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Sea Wolf, Rare Times, White Rainbow (Show Pics)

Rare TimesSea Wolf, Rare Times, and White Rainbow recently performed at The Sayers Club for Red Bull Sound Select.


And photographer Erik Voake was there to shoot the show:

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“Moment Goes” by The Young Wild

The Young Wild (web res)Split between Echo Park and North ParkThe Young Wild originally formed as Family Wagon in 2008. With their new moniker, the band recently pivoted to a stronger pop focus and even managed to recruit songwriting help from The Killers‘ guitarist Dave Keuning. The result is their forthcoming EP For Now, Not Forever (due September 2nd). Here’s its first leaked track, “Moment Goes,” which builds from synth effects into an epic soar of saccharine glee (courtesy of a children’s choir):

And here’s its low-bit karaoke machine themed music video:

The Young Wild‘s album release show will be at The Irenic on 9-4 along with Dr. Seahorse.


The Young Wild’s Official Site, The Young Wild on FacebookThe Young Wild on TwitterThe Young Wild on YouTube, The Young Wild on Soundcloud

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Sabrina Antoinette (Show Pics)

Sabrina AntoinetteSabrina Antoinette recently performed at Hemingway’s Lounge.


And photog Dave Rosenblum was there to shoot the show.

Dave Rosenblum’s Official SiteDave Rosenblum on FacebookDave Rosenblum on TwitterDave Rosenblum on Instagram

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“Babes” by Mirror Talk (Premiere)

IMG_2466bw copyMirror Talk is currently busy working again with producer Tony Hoffer (M83, Beck) on following up their debut EP, Infatuation, with two more EPs, but they decided to go ahead and leak the electro-pop blast “Babes.” Curt yet utterly riveting, they claim the track is an homage to New York freestyle and Chicago house which might explain the unapologetic ’80s synth vibe but we’ll never shake its uncanny futuristic glow via a blistering pace and spine-chilling falsetto:

Mirror Talk will next perform at The Satellite on 8-2.

080214 FULL

Mirror Talk’s Official Site, Mirror Talk on Facebook, Mirror Talk on Twitter, Mirror Talk on YouTube, Mirror Talk on Bandcamp, Mirror Talk on Soundcloud

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“Untitled (Til The Every End)” by Alastair (feat. Priscilla Escobar) (Premiere)

_DSC4623Using his last name as his artistic moniker, Davey Alastair is a neo-soul crooner based in East Hollywood currently working on his debut album Glass Pyramids. He recently leaked the track, “Untitled (Til The Every End),” featuring acute vocal support from Priscilla Escobar and brooding ominous production via dark, downtempo beats and stirring choral synths for a soundscape of lustful reverie. Alastair describes his songwriting approach as “minimalist,” but whatever it is, we can’t wait for more.

Alastair on Facebook, Alastair on TwitterAlastair on InstagramAlastair on Soundcloud

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