“Love. Hate. Pain. Killer” by Chelsea Lankes

IMG_5767Our new favorite popster, Chelsea Lankes, returns by releasing the power ballad “Love. Hate. Pain. Killer.” Originally featured in the Colin Tilley short film “Mr. Happy” starring Chance The Rapper, the Wondershow-produced song is a softly sung sincere ode built on reflective thoughts and a light-show-worthy orchestral zenith.

“I can’t waste another single day.”

Chelsea Lankes: Website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Soundcloud

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Gavin Turek (Show Pics)

gavin_turek-2Gavin Turek recently debuted her monthly event Disco Dreamz at Pour Vous.


And photog Joe Cortez was there to shoot the show:

Joe Cortez: Website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

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“Disappear Into the Stars” and “Lite Conversation” by Evan Voytas

EV2Evan Voytas might be aptly referred to as an “out-there pop maestro,” but he’s really just one cool cat. After spending a few years as a session musician and songwriter, the Angeleno follows up his Feel Me EP with two tracks, “Disappear Into the Stars” and “Lite Conversation,” released via Hit City U.S.A.‘s For Immediate Release (FIR) digital single series. The songs are a minimal pop concept with a smooth upbeat behind a soft falsetto. The result is mesmerizingly spacey and oh-so-chill.

And here’s the equally cosmic, kitschy, and dope music video for “Disappear Into the Stars” by director Henry Pincus.

Evan Voytas: Website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Bandcamp, Soundcloud

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Ty Segall, Mikal Cronin, Cory Hanson, Emmett Kelly (Show Pics)

IMG_8040-1Ty Segall, Mikal Cronin, Cory Hanson (of Wand), and Emmett Kelly (of The Cairo Gang) recently performed acoustic sets at The Satellite. Segall’s set even included a cameo from Laena Geronimo (of Feels) on violin. And of course, MINIVAN Photography was there to shoot the stellar show.

MINIVAN Photography: FacebookTwitterInstagramTumblr

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“Watcher” by ALMA

IMG_3861With a hushed vox like a sultry whisper, ALMA recently leaked the first single, “Watcher,” off her debut EP Dark Matter. The Davis-native indie popstress recruited Virtu to produce the track’s brooding cum heavy-hitting electro production and the result is stellar enough for Kill Paris to release the album on his new, aptly named label Sexy Electric.

“I’ll be watching you, as I’m walking on the moon.”

ALMA: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Soundcloud

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“Shot The Sun Down” by Kin Cayo

image1If you’re ever down in the dumps, just know that Kin Cayo will always bring a boost of jollity. Blake Hanley and crew recently leaked another indie rock sun-pop single, “Shot The Sun Down,” off their forthcoming debut EP. But hidden within the peppy chorus are culturally commentative lyrics and several collaborators including Hanley’s actress wife, Emily Wickersham, on backing vocals. The ultimate result is pure radiance.

“We shot the sun down, into the cold ground.”

Kin Cayo: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Soundcloud

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“Two People” Music Video by Carly And The Universe (Premiere)

unnamed (1)Powerhouse ensemble Carly And The Universe returns by releasing a music video for their soulful, jazz-pop single, “Two People,” off their debut LP The Whole Shabang:

Directed by Steven Yee and inspired by The Shining, the video begins with the sultry chanteuse herself (Carly Liza) experiencing songwriter’s block (hence the glasses) before narcotics turn her into a split personality.

Carly And The Universe: Website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Soundcloud

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“Gearin’ up for Desert Daze” w/ L.A. WITCH

IMG_7840-1Psychedelic surf rockers L.A. WITCH will perform at the 4th annual Desert Daze on May 2nd…


…so Free Bike Valet and MINIVAN Photography recently visited the band to shoot some pics and ask some questions about the upcoming music fest as they recorded a new single with producer Joel Jerome.


What can you tell us about this studio?
Ellie English (drums): “The studio is called Abbey Road West. We met Joel [Jerome] through Lucy [Miyaki] from Tashaki Miyaki. They recorded our first EP with our original drummer. This is our third recording session with Joel for our first full-length cassette which is coming out this year. Joel is a talented musician, producer, and engineer. He records a lot of rad L.A. bands.”
You performed at last year’s Desert Daze. How was that?
Ellie: “We were really excited.”
Irita Pai (bass): “We’d never been a part of any Moon Block Party event so when Phil [Pirrone] invited us to play we were super stoked. We played really early in the day. It was super hot but the sound was amazing and there was a great crowd there.”
Sade Sanchez (guitar, vocals): “We got the chance to play with bands we grew up listening to which was cool.”
To you, what has Desert Daze grown to become?
Sade: “It’s inspiring to see a small group of people with not a lot of funds create and put together a festival of that scale. And bringing bigger bands and smaller bands together on the same stage.”
Ellie: “People get introduced to new music and get to see really big bands they’ve listened to before.”
How do you feel about playing again this year?
Sade: “We’re excited to be a part of it again. It’s gonna be a cool way to kick off our May tour.”
Ellie: “I’m looking forward to playing again this year. Camping and hanging out with friends is a lot of fun too.”
Irita: “It’s always a good time.”
How are you preparing yourself?
Ellie: “Last year we packed my ’95 Honda Odyssey with six people, camping gear, band equipment, and overnight bags. This year we upgraded to a bigger van and we finally have t-shirts!”
Sade: “They were designed by our friend Clay Cavender who we met at one of our shows.”
What can we expect from your set on May 2nd?

Irita: “We will be playing new songs at Desert Daze for our month long tour revolving around the Midwest, the South, and Austin Psych Fest!”

MINIVAN Photography: FacebookTwitterInstagramTumblr

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A1iH0lLKFQhw3eiTuTHuJqz7PjINPrB3C9ABJCog64s,QN0K0EwEkUMjGOg_WMBOho4l1btdkU77SQUv8EEMBPw,vJXRrQHS8TLxZX9rT_VShz7RaMkObA-Rj-Ssn8GQIzoWhen artists reinvent themselves, they often attempt to clandestinely hide their previous persona (i.e. May Jailer before Lana Del Rey) –but not Franklin Village denizen Jessie Poland. As LACES, the songstress brazenly slain Charlotte Sometimes for the sake of collaboration. No longer writing solo, she has recruited producers and deejays for her self-titled debut EP dropping on June 9th. Her second leaked single, “LIV IT UP,” is an edgy pop banger with digi-beats and dark synths proving that unleashing your inner Mr. Hyde just means more fun.

And here’s its lyric video:

LACES: Website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Soundcloud

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Ratatat (Show Pics)


Ratatat recently performed at Fox Theater Pomona.


And photog Sean Gutierrez was there to shoot the show:

Sean Gutierrez: Website, InstagramYouTube

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