“Dreamphone” by J. Laser

unnamedAs just a teenager, Jordan Lawlor was recruited (along with White Sea) as a touring member for M83. But along with his brother Jamie, he creates funky neo-R&B pop as J. Laser. Based out of an Arts District studio, the duo layers programmed electronics over soulful vocals and raw instruments for an almost genre-less blend. Here’s their latest leaked single “Dreamphone”:

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“For Our Friends” by Naama Kates (Premiere)

20140622_naama_album_cover_0543Our favorite piano popstress Naama Kates recently returned to producer Cyrus Melchor for her forthcoming third album Souled. The collaboration’s reliable result is cabaret chic laced by electronic elements over lyrics dwelling on parking tickets and missing cats. Her latest leaked track, “For Our Friends,” highlights the rare combo of drums and piano as they hold hands in a raw percussion procession that would make Victory at Sea very, very proud:

Naama Kates will next perform at The Silverlake Lounge on August 6th.


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“R U D W N ?” by LIFE

LIFEIt has been eighteen years since Bradley Nowell’s tragic overdose, but his influence faithfully thrives thanks to acts such as LIFE –a trio of reformed punks who now make buoyant funk-pop/ska-rock ideal for backyard keggers. Their debut EP, R U D W N ?, naturally conjures the vibrant vibe of their beachside hometown Hermosa Beach as well as their reggae past. Here’s their title track:

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LANY_FINALLANY is a trio of young dudes making neo-R&B pop with smooth synths, digi-beats, and slick vocals –almost an XY version of MUNA. They recently transplanted to our City of Angels and have shied from revealing any additional details. But for now, here’s their latest arresting single “ILYSB”:

“And ya need to know that I’m hella obsessed with your face…”

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“Save Me” by Moxi

moxi1Moxi is a Fullerton-based coed duo of vocalist Anna Nelson and keyboardist Andy Toy. Their debut EP, In My Dreams, was a dreamy indie pop collection but their forthcoming follow-up, Through The Dark (Catbeach Music), delivers deeper beats and edgier electronics. The result is riveting and epic (perhaps due to producer Bobby Hartry) as shown on the EP’s first leaked track “Save Me”:

And here’s a live performance video of the song:

Moxi will next perform on August 14th at Fifty Seven with Island Apollo.


Moxi’s Official SiteMoxi on FacebookMoxi on Twitter, Moxi on InstagramMoxi on YouTube

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“Will The Thrill” Music Video by Cayucas

C_high res_3It isn’t summer time until you’ve listened to Cayucas, and luckily they’ve just released a music video for their laid back buoyant pop single “Will The Thrill.” Shown through a vintage filter, the superbly campy video follows none other than Bigfoot himself (who the band named their debut album after) on his way to a date with Michelle Branch:

Cayucas will headline the next Twilight Concert at the Santa Monica Pier on July 24th along with PAPA.

TCS Flyer

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Jarell Perry, Lena Fayre, Pyramid Vritra, Seasons, Val Fleury (Show Pics)

Summer Sessions-10Los Globos recently hosted their first Summer Session.


And photog Dave Rosenblum was there to shoot Jarell Perry, Lena Fayre, Pyramid Vritra, Seasons, and Val Fleury.

Dave Rosenblum’s Official SiteDave Rosenblum on FacebookDave Rosenblum on TwitterDave Rosenblum on Instagram

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“California I Follow” by Corsica Arts Club

Corsica Arts Club Press Photo Summer 2014Corsica Arts Club isn’t much of a club. So far, their membership only consists of two guys (Arash Parsee and Brendan Thompson) who live in West L.A. and make catchy indie rock. Their debut single, “California I Follow,” borrows riffs from the early-aughts garage rock revival and injects them with sunny endorphins. Buoyant and danceable, we can’t wait for their follow-up:

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“The Sea” by One Finger Riot

aWhen Faris McReynolds isn’t painting for art galleries, he’s creating laid-back lo-fi indie rock as One Finger Riot. His forthcoming third album, The Sea (Post Planetary), was created with dated and re-purposed gear to resonate a more retro vibe. Here’s his title track which was inspired by a coastal epiphany:

“I was staring at the beach in Big Sur thinking about how all of these things that don’t work out in life are just part of the evolution of what eventually will.”

One Finger Riot’s Official Site, One Finger Riot on FacebookOne Finger Riot on TwitterOne Finger Riot on InstagramOne Finger Riot on YouTubeOne Finger Riot on Soundcloud

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“Floodlights” by Soft Swells

1404163005SS_PRESS_2Tim Williams’ indie pop rock project Soft Swells will return with a sophomore album, Floodlights (Modern Outsider), on September 30th. Unlike the minimalist studio sessions of his self-titled debut, Williams recruited a crew of musicians to help evoke the grandeur vibe of their live performances. And judging by the release’s title track, they naturally succeeded with a steady pulse of thundering fervor and soaring spirit:

Soft Swells’ Official SiteSoft Swells on FacebookSoft Swells on TwitterSoft Swells on InstagramSoft Swells on YouTube

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