“Cold” by Mating Ritual (Lizzy Land remix)

Lizzy Land returns with an electronic remix of the single “Cold” by Mating Ritual. Perhaps the stunning songstress decided this was suitable since she co-wrote the original and is also a performing member of the band. The “rework” (as she calls it) breathes a fuller vibrance into the track via additional digi-beats and synth twinkles without losing its midtempo glide. And of course, her soothing sharp vox is allowed to aptly shine.

“I think I’ve seen enough of you.”

Mating Ritual will perform on June 18th at Chinatown Summer Nights.


Lizzy Land: Website, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Soundcloud

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“Dope” by Beware of Darkness


The brilliant alt-rock outfit Beware of Darkness returns by leaking the first single, “Dope,” off their forthcoming album, Are You Real?, due this summer. The track has a gritty guitar riff which instantly grabs while frontman Kyle Nicolaides’s strong vocals and catchy lyrics make this a triumphant comeback.

“You are a planet among stars. An ocean among raindrops. Woman, I think you’re dope!”

Beware of Darkness: Website, Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud

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“Bad Boys” by Ofelia K.

Ofelia K Press Photo 1
The reliably adorable Ofelia K. returns by leaking another single: “Bad Boys.” The solid track is a smooth pop ode which opens on gentle guitar picks and Ofelia’s sweet, breathy voice before floating off to be embraced by soft, majestic beats.

“Fooling everybody we meet with a velvet handshake…”

Ofelia K. will perform on May 17th at No Vacancy.


Ofelia K.: Website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Soundcloud

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“Cold” (feat. Lizzy Land) by Mating Ritual

Mating Ritual Collage
Mating Ritual returns by dropping his highly anticipated self-titled debut EP. The release is a solid collection of buoyant, accessible indie rock laden with sharp pop hooks (or smooth, mid-tempo dreamwaves such as on “Cold” which features and was co-written by the entrancing Lizzy Land).

“I’ve been waiting for you to call my bluff.”

Mating Ritual will perform on March 7th at The Satellite.


Mating Ritual: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Soundcloud

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Feels, Drinking Flowers, French Vanilla, Mark Tester (Show Pics)

Feels, Drinking Flowers, French Vanilla, and Mark Tester recently performed at Basic Flowers.


And Carlos Garcia (of 360nm) was there to shoot the rad show.

360nm: WebsiteFacebook, Instagram, Tumblr

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“Sincerely” by Stephen

Los Angeles-based artist Stephen closed out the year with “Crossfire” –a socially conscious track which picked up a marvelous reaction by topping Hype Machine and Viral Charts (and thus accruing millions of streams). Making his first inroads into the new year, the thoughtful producer/singer-songwriter returns with “Sincerely” –a genre-bending, heartfelt track which features a warm vocal floating over an intricate, self-produced beat. The single is leaked off his debut album, Sincerely, Stephen, dropping April 26th via Halfway House Records. And as ever with Stephen, the song’s importance lies within the lyrical message.

“No child of ours should have to starve.”

Stephen will be soon co-headline a Communion tour with Eryn Allen Kane.


Stephen: Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud


“Gone” Music Video by MONOGEM

MONOGEM recently returned by releasing the epic synthpop single “Gone.” With an electro-fueled chorus, the song is a viral hit.

“I’m gone cause I can do it better all alone.”

And of course, such a track deserves an equally stimulating music video. Directed by Dillon O’Neil and Chris Lowery (WE WRK WKNDS) and shot in a DTLA loft, the video showcases two girlfriends playfully flirting between friendship and attraction.

MONOGEM: Website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Tumblr, Soundcloud

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“Let Go” by SweeTTooth (Premiere)

sweettooth single
SweeTTooth is the new project of McCoy Kirgo (formerly of Talk In Tongues) and Mac Hill. Friends since middle school, the duo now produces their music out of their home studios (Mt. Washington and South Pasadena respectively). The result is their debut single “Let Go” –a catchy, upbeat dreamwave of shimmery synths, danceable digi-beats, and electro blasts all highlighted by a smooth falsetto.

“My eyes were closed, but I saw fine.”

SweeTTooth: Twitter, Instagram, Souncloud

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